Terms & Condition

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  1. SkyBox01 is a customized product. It can not be returned once the order is placed.
  2. It will be delivered to your shipping address by the principle first order first served.
  3. If you select the payment method other than BTC, the sales price of the other two Tokens will refer to the listing price on Shellpay Exchange.
  4. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact at 86(21)52925597 or mailto:customer.service@shellpay2.com
  5. Please pay to the wallet address as following, please also provide your payment address at NOTE:
    • BTC Wallet Address : 1KtikFKb38gAX2YnTfsrUdWcHKYaqjiTio
    • SkyCoin Wallet Address : 2adSgqNrzggm4r4hPtxuVzSV5ZcT4ZBraco
    • ShellCoin Wallet Address : rNC1hXV4qTrR5i57f2wpGrpf3aQgruAbXt
  6. Please keep the relevant rules and information strictly confidential and do NOT disclose to any other parties.